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"There’s so much about Eyedea that I don’t have the intellect or articulate capacity to grasp or describe. I just want to share what I can.
The fact is that he was more intelligent and many ways more free than anyone I’ve ever known. I just couldn’t keep up with him.
Eyedea’s entire approach to life was his own. He was ever developing his art, spirituality, intellect etc. Always inspired. Always seeking.
He also had a deep respect for the culture and struggle of oppressed people. He was a student of history and lover of truth .Eyedea wanted the voice you heard on his records to be the true extension of his innermost being. He wanted his expression to be true .He wasn’t worried about the people who didn’t feel him. He loved the handful of people who were in tune enough to believe.
He lived every moment of his life by his principles. His heart made his decisions. This is real. Not me being sentimental.He was so excited by creativity and independent thought/expression in any form. He only slept a few hours a day. Spent hours reading & writing. When Eyedea let the world hear his rock/jazz music he got some really cruel, ugly backlash. He seemed to almost enjoy how upset people were.Free thought and expression was everything to Eyedea. Learning, analyzing, creating was his religion.Every creative person that he encountered loved him immediately, from the most hood, thug rapper to the most eclectic space cadet poet."

Brother Ali on the death of Michael Larsen, Eyedea.

It’s just overwhelming.

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