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Anonymous said: how many followers do you have?

half of the devil’s number.

Posted: 11 months ago

hippy--sabotage said: You come home sooon! so soon!!!!! I can't fucking waitttt!!!! <3 x

I KNOW :) shit’s getting real! <3

Posted: 1 year ago

last night i celebrated my bday and i got fucking shit wasted. ive woken up with blood scabs and a lump on the back of my head.

Posted: 1 year ago

sc14tokyo said: Hi Eden I am sC14 and Living in Tokyo. I really enjoy ur blog, thankz! My friends and I are thinking of organizing a trip to Thailand So just wanted to ask if u have any recommended spots around the southern islands?? We are open minded, dance music, art and nature loving souls such as yourself Thanks Peace sC14

hey! lovely to hear from you… i recommend coming to koh phangan and going to koh tao. if you’re arty, open minded, nature loving and love to dance then koh phangan is for you. not so much the full moon party, i personally dont like it too much… but the underground parties here are fantastic with a peaceful, psychedelic vibe & amazing scenery. this place used to be known as hippie island so as you can imagine, despite all the commercial nonsense that the “Moon” parties bring… this island is magical. koh tao is beautiful too with amazing marine life so great for snorkelling and day trips :) love and light! <3

Posted: 1 year ago

v. v. v. high right now.

Posted: 1 year ago